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Billy’s Story

Billy’s Story, by his mum, Becky Billy was born 12th November 2020. I had to go to my 12 week scan alone, due to Covid restrictions. I was extremely nervous as I had suffered 2 previous miscarriages. At the end of my scan the sonographer sat me up and said, “I’m very sorry there seem […]

PJ’s Story

PJ’s Story, by his mum, Rachel PJ is an amazing young man, who is now aged 20! It doesn’t seem 5 minutes since he was a tiny 2lb baby! He has the most amazing smile, cheeky grin and bright blue eyes. PJ walks with a swagger and I think he believes he rules the world. […]

Nina’s Story

Nina’s Story, by her mum, Naomi Nina has turned our life upside down – but in a most fantastic way! Her presence in the world brings joy, hope, laughter, knowledge, and personal growth to everyone she meets. So, let us go back 3 years and see how her story unfolds…I first heard that Nina had […]

Molly’s Story

Molly’s Story, by her mum, Jenny Molly was diagnosed with down syndrome the morning after she was born. When I told my parents, my dad smiled, shrugged his shoulders and said “well that doesn’t matter.” But I was filled with so many worries. I was worried about her health, how she would cope at school, […]

Emmanuel’s Story

Emmanuel’s Story, by his dad, Nathan It was around 7.30pm in the evening, I had just returned home from being at the hospital all day. I was just enjoying eating a doner kebab and watching champions league on my own! I didn’t expect to get a call from the hospital, but I did and was […]

Lauren’s Story

Lauren’s Story, by her mum, Sue My pregnancy with Lauren was very uneventful. She was my 3rd child and by far the easiest to carry and give birth to! She was born at 39 weeks, and all went smoothly. However, when they put her on me, my first thought was she doesn’t look anything like […]

James’s Story

James’s Story,by his mum, Claire In 1999, 32 weeks pregnant with my first child, I went for my final scan. My baby was in foetal distress and I was rushed into hospital to be pumped full of steroids. The following day they repeated the tests and decided baby could not wait. My son was born […]

Logan’s Story

Logan’s Story, by his mum, Charlotte `You are my little ray of sunshine, Logan! When I saw you I knew I loved you so much, I held you briefly before you struggled with your breathing and were whisked away to be looked after in the neonatal unit. This was scary, but had also happened when […]

William’s Story

William’s Story, by his mum, Joanne This is our William! He is an amazing little fellow, full of life, smiles and mischief. He came early and we were told about his DS, officially, when he was about 3 days old. We had concerns and worries. These were mainly because we didn’t know what to expect […]

Alfie’s Story

Alfie’s Story, by his dad, Chris We thought we were going to go to Barcelona for a long weekend. We had been there before, we knew what it was like and all the pre-flight checks were fine…but for whatever reason, our flight was diverted to Paris. An equally adored, beautiful and loved city with huge […]