New Baby Welcome pack

New Baby Welcome pack

We have all been a new parent to a baby with DS. And, for most of us, when we received the news that our baby would not be the one we were expecting, but would be sporting an extra chromosome, it filled us with a whole range of emotions.

Getting that news can make you feel sad, cheated, angry and other not so positive things. Obviously, there are other parents who just accept the news with a smile and get on with it, but that is less common, especially if the news is delivered to you starting with the words, “I’m sorry but…”. It can make you lose the joy of just having had a new baby, and make you focus on all the uncertainties and worries that this new diagnosis could bring.

NDSSG has created new baby packs for new families, to be given to every new baby born with DS in Kingsmill Hospital, Queen’s Medical Centre and Nottingham City Hospital. They contain two books of stories, photos and inspirational quotes, a magazine, a welcome letter, a handmade patchwork baby blanket, baby vest and socks, hand-knitted clothes, an NDSSG bib, a handmade baby comforter, goodies for mum and dad, and a hand-written ‘New Baby – Congratulations’ card.

Baby Girl Gift Bag contents

When a new baby with DS is born in Nottinghamshire the family each receives a ‘New Baby Pack’. This is a gift bag full of goodies and welcome gifts for the baby that we give to welcome the family to this new community, and to inspire and reassure them everything will be OK! Included in this pack is a soft, cuddly patchwork blanket for every baby, which can either be used to keep them cosy and warm as they sleep, or as a playmat to chill and play on. Here are a few of our gorgeous babies – Harley, Max, Lucas, Reuben and Willow – enjoying their blankets. So good to know that the packs are appreciated and being well-used!


Baby Blanket Montage

Families start to understand that they are not alone, that they are part of a community and they have people around them that care. Plus, they get to enjoy lots a of goodies, for both mum and their baby! We had 16 babies born in Nottinghamshire last year, and that number looks set to continue in 2021 – and beyond! We are having to produce new packs all the time!

Boy and Girl Baby Bags

As time has gone on we have been so lucky to have more people wanting to be involved with the production of the New Baby Packs and we have been inundated with people contacting us with lots of different items they would like to donate.  We now have more new items that have been added to the packs with the generosity of so many kind individuals and businesses.  We continue to expand and improve the content of the bags and we are extremely thankful to all who have donated and continue to help us provide this valuable service to new parents throughout Nottinghamshire.