Daniel’s Story

Daniel’s Story

Daniel’s Story, by his mum, Barbara

I’m not going to start with Daniel being born, or talk about his early years, which were very challenging. Instead, I’m going to tell you what he’s done since leaving college! We were assigned a new social worker, and on her first visit she said, “You know he’ll never work?” I have never forgotten those words!! So after politely showing her the door (That’s a lie! I don’t do polite!). I was determined to prove her wrong!

Who was she to think that after meeting my son for 5 minutes, she knew him or what was best for him! So firstly he went back to the school he used to attend – Oakfield school. There, he worked as a volunteer every Tuesday.

He loves doing this and helping the younger children. Secondly, he started a job at Sted electrical, on a Wednesday and Friday, which is a small electrical company. He loved it, from putting on his uniform to making drinks for the guys, and helping in the office. They treated, and spoke to, him as an equal, which was great.

His third job, on a Monday, was with Surestart. This is where he got his pro start passport success award (see last photo)! Daniel is now 31 years old! (We were told he wouldn’t even live a month!). No, its not always easy. But anything can be achieved with time, patience and support.

Those beautiful buds will turn into giant sunflowers, that make people smile every day. Our road has been rough, at times. Yes, we need the professionals, but they don’t know everything. I wouldn’t change a thing! I’m the proud mother of Daniel, who just happens to have Down syndrome!