Arthur’s Story

Arthur’s Story

Arthur’s Story, by his mum, Donna

I decided to look though some photos of Arthur to help me write this and, I’ll be honest, Arthur is smashing living his best life!

He takes on each challenge in turn – horse riding, riding his scooter and bike. He is an amazing dancer with moves that any professional on Strictly would be envious of! He plays football, swims and the beach is his favourite place to be. He’s an outdoor boy, camping, toasting marshmallows – he has conquered Mam Tor, Thorpe Cloud and Thor’s Cave!

Life with Arthur is unpredictable, never mundane, challenging, full of surprises and literally the best ever. Living with Arthur means you need eyes in the back of your head. One minute he will be the best behaved little boy ever and the next minute he will be dropping onto the floor and refusing to move – unless you have enough chocolate in your pocket to persuade him to.

He has been a pageboy three times and charmed everyone in attendance. He is cheeky – just has to see something once and he will copy it and laugh (sometimes things he shouldn’t be copying!). His laugh is infectious but equally so, if he cries it is heart-breaking.

Arthur doesn’t speak very clearly yet, but he lets us all know exactly what he wants in his own way – especially if its food! He is devoted to his sister as she is to him. Their bond is so special – they adore each other and make no secret of it. Offer Arthur a sweet and he won’t take it – until you give him two so that he can share with Edith.

Arthur is well known for his hugs! He gives the best hugs ever and demands that everyone else gives each other hugs as well. His love has no limits and his smile brightens even the darkest day. In the past, some medical ‘experts’ have been really negative, just putting the emphasis on things that ‘Arthur will never do’. There isn’t anything that Arthur will never do …….. unless he seriously doesn’t want to do it. The world is an adventure just waiting for Arthur, and I hope it is ready for him!