2022 Christmas Video 2022, we’ve done things a bit differently. Instead of a mashup, we’ve done just one song. Over 100 of our NDSSG members took part – either signing, dancing, playing or just looking gorgeous! Our youngest performer in the song was just 3 days old, and our eldest is 35 years old!NDSSG is for everybody with Down’s Syndrome in Nottinghamshire, and I hope this video reflects the amazing diversity and beauty of our members.

2022 NFFC Supporters Video Sunday 29th May 2022, Nottingham Forest, face their biggest match in years! We are going to Wembley!  Many of our NDSSG members are huge Forest fans, and wanted to show their appreciation of our Reds.  Education FC Warriors, for people with various learning disabilities, and Burton Joyce DSActive, which is a  football club for people with DS have teamed up to make this video.

2022 World Down’s Syndrome Day have made this video to celebrate all the babies, children, teenagers and adults with Down’s Syndrome, who live in Nottinghamshire.Around 300 people took part at either one of our 5 regional NDSSG events, our 2 wonderful football clubs, a local dance group and a work skills centre. We hope it shows you what a wonderful community we are, and how much we celebrate people with Down’s Syndrome.

2021 Christmas Mashup

This year, 90 members of Nottinghamshire Downs Syndrome Support Group, ranging from 2 months to 32 years old, have taken part in our Christmas song mashup video! Thank you to everyone who took part – learning the signs, dressing up all Christmassy, filming and submitting the videos! You are all amazing! And if this doesn’t get you in the mood for Christmas, nothing will!

2021 Lockdown Mashup

To celebrate World Down Syndrome Day 2021, we chose to take a journey, and look back over the past year. It wasn’t a year that any of us could have predicted, and man, has it been a hard one! We couldn’t have any of our usual regular meet ups, or spend time with all our family and friends. For the majority of the year, schools and all the activities our children enjoy have been closed.

2020 Christmas Mashup

65 of our amazing NDSSG families have come together to bring you all a bit of Christmas cheer. Signing, singing, dancing and smiling, these performers range from 4 weeks to 30 years.

Sit back and let these wonderful young people bring a huge smile to your face!

2020 Summer Mashup

Because Covid19 had put a stop to our annual Summer Fun Day, 60 young people from across Nottinghamshire all took part in a Makaton-signed video to celebrate the summer.  This video is a testament to the resilience of our wonderful babies, children, young people and adults who are part of NDSSG, and their families, and the joy they have continued to bring to us all!