PJ’s Story

PJ’s Story

PJ’s Story, by his mum, Rachel

PJ is an amazing young man, who is now aged 20! It doesn’t seem 5 minutes since he was a tiny 2lb baby! He has the most amazing smile, cheeky grin and bright blue eyes. PJ walks with a swagger and I think he believes he rules the world.

He has older siblings – a brother Luke and sister Sarah, and an extended family who adore him. PJ has a unique and distinct personality and ability to make you laugh and smile. I think it’s safe to say, with total assurance, that once you have met him, you will remember him.

He has such confidence, despite his numerous additional needs, he is endlessly positive. He is good-natured, most of the time. And he is relentlessly stubborn, all of the time! He finds humour in other people’s exasperation. PJ loves holidays, playing sports, watching ice hockey – “Let’s go Panthers”!

He is obsessed with dogs and Christmas, and loves being outdoors, as well as playing on his Xbox .PJ has some wonderful friendships. He likes to spend time with his friendship group, and he has a lot of happy memories from the activities and experiences he has shared with them.

When PJ was a couple of weeks old a paediatrician came to meet us to ‘break the news he had Down syndrome’. If I could have seen into the future, at that time, I’d have told her, he may have Down syndrome but he will also be funny, cheeky, clever, inquisitive, joyful, happy, stubborn, challenging, and such a brave young man who will overcome being profoundly ill and undergo numerous surgeries, and still wake up smiling and fighting.

PJ will give anything a try! He holds no fear of any height, scale or structure, and whilst this has landed him in a few sticky situations, his ability to climb should not go unmentioned. He may not speak but his communication is great and he is the noisiest young person I know, always has been and probably always will be.

I am proud to be PJ’s mum. He makes my life more enjoyable. I look forward to spending every day with him, and about hearing from others what he has been up too whilst I’m not there. It’s not always easy being his mum, but I wouldn’t change him. This is PJ….+8