Logan’s Story

Logan’s Story

Logan’s Story, by his mum, Charlotte

`You are my little ray of sunshine, Logan! When I saw you I knew I loved you so much, I held you briefly before you struggled with your breathing and were whisked away to be looked after in the neonatal unit.

This was scary, but had also happened when my first baby was born, so I prepared myself for this. On the next day when I was visiting you in neonatal, all the curtains were closed and we were told that you possibly had something called Down syndrome. Not knowing what this was, I was scared and I cried.

Also, one of your little lungs had a hole in it, making it harder for you to breathe. This also made me cry as, because of this the doctors said you couldn’t take on the milk, so you just got fluid to keep you hydrated, medicines and a drain for your tummy, and medicines for your lungs to repair. While all this was happening, you were too fragile to be picked up.

This was a scary time. During this time, your diagnosis of having down syndrome was confirmed. I cried again, as I was frightened at this stage! Doctors told me all negative things that might happen (which didn’t) making me worry further. Will they even let me take my beautiful boy home? Do they trust me with something so precious and so much more vulnerable?

Then it was day 5, and I was told you could come off your drain and I could hold you! This was everything! I held you with daddy and your loving sisters. Also on this day I was told they were going to start you on small amounts of the milk I had been expressing and freezing for you. This meant so much!

You continued to get stronger and we got to take you home at 2 weeks old. We have had many hospital stays over the earlier years, for bronchitis, pneumonia and epilepsy, and plenty of chest infections, sleep studies and so many more day visits. Logan receives so much attention wherever he goes, whether it’s a thumbs up from a van full of people whilst waving at them in the car, or chatting to people out and about, he always leaves an impression.

You are such a sweet, imaginative and kind boy and you are everything to us. We are as fiercely protective to you, as you are of us. And you always teach us more than we can ever teach you! Logan enjoys life and has a great one. He is learning to swim, horse ride and play football, and he loves going to cubs, spending time with friends and his Labrador, Freddie. He loves all things dress up and his food! My little Logan sun ray, you are loved and adored by us all, and we are so proud of all you are!