William’s Story

William’s Story

William’s Story, by his mum, Joanne

This is our William!

He is an amazing little fellow, full of life, smiles and mischief. He came early and we were told about his DS, officially, when he was about 3 days old. We had concerns and worries. These were mainly because we didn’t know what to expect and from a fear of the unknown.

Yes, William has had some issues, but our little man has got through everything with a smile! So far he’s been a little trooper. He is rolling, commando crawling, trying his utmost to crawl properly and sitting unaided – even sitting on a step for a short while.

He enjoys babbling, waving, clapping, giggling and playing peekaboo,. He tries to stand up on us, at every opportunity, grabbing everything he shouldn’t! He is cutting his teeth (he has 2 bottom and 1 top), and he has a determination which I hope he continues and helps him get through any other obstacles he may face.

Through watching and knowing him, I think all of our family have learnt a lot. Despite all of the fear and emotional issues, at the beginning of our journey, we now have so much happiness and fulfilment that has entered our lives too. I want to say thanks for all the amazing support from NDSSG, through every step and puzzle we have had to solve.

It’s been a brilliant experience, because of them, even though I’ve not been able to be part of the social side as much as I’d like, but we can’t wait to be! Of course, we do not know what the future holds. But do any of us … ever!