World Downs Syndrome Day 2022

World Downs Syndrome Day 2022

It would be really helpful if you can get yourselves booked on the World Down’s Syndrome Day event that you plan to attend, as soon as possible. We have 5 amazing hub organising teams trying to get everything sorted, and they want to ensure they all have suitable activities planned for all those who are attending. But until people have booked, they won’t know who they are catering for! We also need to order and buy all the craft materials we will need for the BIG PICTURE and get them delivered to the hubs. Plus all the refreshments and so on.

So, please, get on and book now!

Link to booking form


Everyone who is coming to – or planning on coming to – one of our World Down’s Syndrome Day events, please read this….At every event we will all be doing 2 special activities. These activities will be done to show that, though we have events happening in 5 different areas of the county, we are all one community. These two activities will also be accessible to families who can’t make it to an event that weekend, so you can still get involved from home.

ACTIVITY 1 – CHOIR / SIGNING VIDEO. This will be recorded live at all the different hub events. Whole families will be involved, and not just people with DS. They will be recorded live at the events, and that film will be edited and put together with all those at other events, and those who’ve recorded it at home. The song is “I LOVE MY LIFE” by Robbie Williams, This is the YouTube link to the song – Everyone will be asked to sign the choruses. You won’t need to learn signs to any verses or interludes. But there are lots of choruses, so lots of opportunities for everyone to sign. And it’s pretty simple with only 8 words for people to learn…

Love, Life, Powerful, Beautiful, Free, Wonderful, Magical, and Me

The final line, I think would be nice for everyone to sign, too, if that’s possible.“ And finally, I’m where I want to be”. Lastly, if your child can’t or won’t sign, please don’t feel excluded. They can be in the choir like everyone else. They can dance, or rock, or just look beautiful. And if they don’t want to get up and perform, we can use them in the other parts of the video too! As with all our NDSSG projects and events, everyone can be included. The video will be shared on our NDSSG open Facebook page, as well as on YouTube and Instagram. So if you don’t like to share your child’s face on social media, get thinking creatively about how you can still be involved! Or you can choose to not take part in this activity. This video could look and be so powerful! Really hope you like the idea!

ACTIVITY 2 – is a big piece of art work! This will be a picture, split into 6 different sections. And each hub will complete a part of it! We are not sure exactly how this will look yet, but the idea is that every person will be able to do at least a little part towards creating the whole picture. The picture will be put together online at the end, to form the bigger picture. But alone it will just be a part. Hopefully, symbolically, this will show that though we are all meeting in our little hubs, we are part of one big county-wide DS community. You may have noticed I said there will be 6 sections to complete, but there are only 5 hubs events taking place! The 6th and final one will be done by families at home. Some people have told us they are away or can’t attend. Or they are still a bit anxious about Covid and meeting in groups. So for them, they will be given the home option. They will be given a small part of the final 6th of the picture. They will be able to decorate this at home then parents can send us a photo of their completed part. It should all come together like a perfect jigsaw puzzle! And hopefully it will look amazing! We want it to be bold, fun and colourful, so it makes a big bright statement. You can stick, colour, hand paint, or whatever on your section. So please don’t think you can’t get involved just cos you can’t physically be there! Everyone is welcome and we want to include you all!