For ages, you guys have been asking for regular dance classes where your children can learn routines, get to perform in shows and learn at their pace. And you wanted something for all ages!

Well, after starting a class in summer, and then being let down and told there was no longer space for us, we have found a far better alternative! The room may not be quite as swanky, but the instructor is top notch. And most of all, she is really wanting to do this.

Roya Louise Siggs is a mum in this group, and has a son with DS. In May, she ran a workshop with some of our older girls and women, during sports week. They had about 45 minutes to learn a routine (see the video below) and loved every minute… Just think – if this is what can be learnt in 45 minutes – what could be done if they practiced every week! Our plan is to do a show with them performing their newly learnt group routines, some time before Christmas, along with some solos and other pieces they wish to perform.

This class isn’t just for you to come and dance along to the favourite songs you already know, but to learn, get creative and grow as a dancer! And to have loads of fun! It is for anyone who likes to follow routines or copy signs/gestures (even if it takes them weeks to pick it up), is able to stay focused for a few minutes at a time and just loves to dance. Although it will be run by NDSSG, like at football, people with other learning disabilities will also be welcome to come.

As an introductory price, we are charging just £3 per session! (This is subject to change after Christmas, but we want to enable everyone to be able to take part and have the opportunity to dance, regardless of costs).

We figure there is no point in delaying, so the classes will be starting TUESDAY 18 OCTOBER. Please come on time and leave promptly, so that everyone gets their full 45 minutes. Wear something easy to move in and trainers on your feet.

So all that’s left to say is, please let us know if you want to come, and we really look forward to seeing you there!

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