NDSSG Dance Sessions – All ages

NDSSG Dance Sessions – All ages

NDSSG Dance Sessions (including a NEW Toddler Class!) The dance sessions are back! Diaries are getting busy for everyone, so we’ve had to do a mix of Saturdays and Sundays up until summer. But here are the next 3 dates, so please take a note of them. Sunday 22nd May … Saturday 25th June … Saturday 23rd July. We have also decided that we will trial a new class for younger children aged 2-4 years, so really hope you will book on and give it a try!

1.00pm-1.45pm for 2-4 year olds

2.00pm-2.45pm for 5-11 year olds

3.00pm-3.45/4.00pm for 12 years+

If you would like to book for Sunday 22 May, then please use the link below, and soft the class you would like to be in. The cost is £4 per class, and takes place at Manor Arts Studio, Manor House, The, 2 Middle St, Nottingham NG9 1FX. Closing date to book will be Friday 20 May, unless we are fully booked before that. Maximum 10 dancers per session.

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