NDSSG Baby Group

NDSSG Baby Group

In April 2020, NDSSG started handing out New Baby Bags to any new families we heard about in Notts.

That summer, we spoke to the paediatricians at Nottingham City Hospital, and they said they would be happy to give them out to all new babies born there and at QMC. A month or so later, the paediatrician at Kingsmill agreed to do the same.

Since then, every baby born in Notts has been given a bag welcoming them to NDSSG. They are full of goodies and information, including how to get in contact with us, and join the group. We speak to every new mum, and offer her the opportunity to be part of a ‘NDSSG Baby Group’ on Messenger.

So, from the start, they can be part of a welcoming community, and are surrounded by friends who are also just starting to negotiate this, usually unexpected, journey!

These are our current baby group babies, made up of little ones from all over the county – and one from further afield! They range from just under 2 weeks old to 14 months old. And we have 2 girls and 13 boys!

Welcome to Gus, Thomas, Aidan, Avery, Carson, Alfie, Florence, George, Naya, Mitchell, Alfie, Freddie, William, JJ and Billy!