Tom’s Story

Tom’s Story

Tom’s Story, by his twin sister, Jess

Both me and Tom are 12 years old, and being his twin is amazing! He always knows how to make me laugh and smile. And brings joy to the house.

Sometimes he says things that are very random but it just makes us laugh and smile. Tom loves singing. He loves to start singing early in the morning, singing Greatest Showman songs and Frozen songs. His favourites are “Into the unknown” and “Let it go”.

He loves playing games with me and our little sister, Lucy. He loves Roblox, hide and seek and Roblox murder mystery. He is very good at playing – better than us! When he comes back from school, he always has something to show us. From biscuits to art they are always amazing.

He also asks if we had a good day. Tom is the bravest person I know. When he got his thyroid taken out and had to stay in hospital for a while, he was still smiling and being brave.

When he has to have needles for his diabetes, he just deals with it and it doesn’t stop him from doing the things he loves. I can’t imagine life without Tom. He has made life joyful and hilarious.