Poppy’s Story

Poppy’s Story

Poppy’s Story, by her mum, Phillippa

This is Poppy – my sassy, talkative, lovable 14 year old daughter. She’s a typical teenager – moody at times, argumentative and always on her iPad and phone.

Our journey has been relatively easy so far, with no major health issues. (She was born with a small hole in her heart but, thankfully, it closed as she got older). She attended mainstream school until the end of Year 6, and now goes to a fabulous SEN school.

She has a great circle of friends and they spent a lot of time talking to each other after school, online. She enjoys cooking and dancing, and has recently started to play hockey and football.

Her dad and I do worry about what the future holds for our beautiful daughter, but we hope that we are giving her the skills and attitude that she will need, to be the best that she can be, and for her to lead a full and active life. This is Poppy