Peter’s Story

Peter’s Story

Peter’s Story, by his mum, Katie

Hey everyone, we are Katie and Simon and we are proud parents to three little people, Jake, Ava and our beautiful baby Peter who has DS. Peter is so loved by his siblings, we call them the three musketeers!

We definitely had a piece to our family puzzle missing and it was Petey! Peter is just like Jake and Ava were at this age (16 months). He loves being sung to and loves being the centre of attention.

He’s like a little magnet! Even when we have a list of jobs to do, we all seem to end up on the floor with Peter playing peekaboo and rowing imaginary boats . It’s been such an adventure already with our Peter. We waited for 8 years to have our last baby and he was worth the wait!

He’s opened our world to the NDSSG family and we’ve made some amazing friends along the way. We have had some difficulties to over come, like feeding problems, big brother Jake did too, and obstructive sleep apnoea, just like big sister Ava. So really, he’s been just as awkward as my other children. We all adore Peter and I truly believe there is a touch of magic in that extra chromosome