Isla’s Story

Isla’s Story

Isla’s story, by her mum Kerri-Ann

October is Down’s syndrome awareness month and I want to bring awareness to the positive side of raising a child with DS so that hopefully, anyone who finds themselves on a similar journey, won’t be quite as frightened as I was , starting out ….In the hours after Isla was born, we were scared to announce the birth.

We were waiting for test results, staring at our baby, torturing ourselves about the potential outcome. I had never really known any other children like Isla and I was so frightened of that unknown. Now, 6 years on, Isla has just moved into year 2 in a local mainstream school.

She attends ballet and football classes weekly. And she also happens to have Down syndrome. It might not always be a bed of roses, but she brings warmth, comedy, lots of love and a fair bit of sassiness to all that meet her! And although it’s tricky at times, I know it’s her fierce independence and stubbornness that are her greatest strengths! The world needs people like Isla, reminding us that it’s OK to need a little support and it’s OK to be a little different.

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