Jack’s Story

Jack’s Story

Jack’s Story, by his mum, Claire

Jack + Football = Life!

Today, we are celebrating our boy turning 18!Jack lives his life to the max. When he was 17 months old Jack was diagnosed with AML, a type of Leukaemia. He had to have 6 months intense chemotherapy treatment at QMC. He fought this like a trooper, and on his 2nd birthday, he was given the all clear.

Since then he has been very healthy. Jack started Mainstream primary school, after a year at Preschool. He had great support from brilliant TAs, and an amazing teacher who really got to know Jack and all of his needs and abilities. He then went onto Mainstream secondary. Although at the time, as parents, we were unsure whether to choose a Special school or continue with Mainstream, Jack enjoyed school and made lots of friends.

We decided to go with Mainstream and see how he would cope. He did absolutely amazing! He loved his time at secondary. Again he had some amazing TA’s who helped and supported Jack and made his time at school enjoyable and rewarding. Don’t get me wrong, we did have a few issues along the way, but our boy did us proud.

We were glad we gave him the chance to shine at secondary, and he sure did. When making our decision on Special or secondary school, we were told by 1 of his TA’s that he would not be able to cope in a secondary, and he’d never find his way around on his own. But he did, and he surely did prove her wrong!!!.

His time at secondary came to a sad end in March 2020, for lockdown which meant he missed out on all of the leavers celebrations and Prom. Jack is now in his second year at Nottingham College, Basford, studying independence and life skills. He enjoys this and has made new friends and is learning to become more independent.

Jack enjoys playing sport, but mainly football. He plays for Burton Joyce DSActive and Education FC Warriors. He loves the sessions, which help him keep fit and healthy and learn new skills, and he has made some great friendships because of these opportunities.

He is a season ticket holder at Nottingham forest and if you’re near him you will hear him chanting and singing. Football is Jack’s life! Believe in your child and do whatever you feel is best!