Maximus’s Story

Maximus’s Story

Maximus’s story, by his mum, Jessica

My husband, Calum, and I had a postnatal diagnosis of DS for Maximus. It was a shock, to say the least. But instead of boring everyone with the serious stuff from that period of time, all I will say about that time frame, is that I wish, so much, that I had spent less time worrying and, almost, “grieving” the child we thought would arrive. Because, let me tell you, Maximus is a million times more amazing and more perfect than we could have hoped for!

His two big sisters, Ivy 8 and Rue 7, absolutely adore him. They constantly practise their Makaton skills with him. When they first got to cuddle him, they said, and I quote, “He is more beautiful than we ever thought he would be. It doesn’t matter about his extra zone because is makes him extra precious and we will look after him!” (They couldn’t grasp the word chromosome so called it his “extra zone” which is so cute!) They tell everyone about their little brother, and how he is extra precious. I overheard them having a chat last week, and they were discussing how it doesn’t matter if Maximus takes longer to do things, because everyone needs help.

Besides, he is already super clever, according to Rue, as he learnt to clap his feet before his hands, and not many people can do that!!So if anyone worries about a sibling bond, I can confirm 100% you don’t need to! Having Maximus definitely changed my outlook on a lot of things.

You obviously have to fight and advocate for your child a lot more, which can be tiring, but it is so worth it. As you’re shouting and fighting for your child, you have the whole DS community supporting you. It is such a wonderful feeling to be part of an exclusive group. Maximus B, thank you for rocking your extra chromosome and just being 110% perfect everyday. We love you to the moon and back!