Osa’s Story

Osa’s Story

Osa’s Story by his dad Pete

Here are a few rare pictures of my son, Osa, with a couple of him actually looking at the camera.

Osa is 16, and its very hard to get a good pic of Osa because he’s constantly moving! He’s taught me to accept Down Syndrome and Autism for what it is. We all have quirks and, to me, that’s all it is – a quirk! If you allow yourself to be open towards it, it’s easy to understand! But sadly, I’ve had parents walking away in certain fear when in, or around, Osa’s company.

Thankfully, I’ve also had parents lovingly being open towards Osa! When he smiles, it’s like getting a gift from God! And he smiles a lot – even if it’s hard to catch it on camera! In truth, people’s ignorance towards him never affects him, though it can hurt and annoy me. So maybe Osa is teaching us a lesson there – why bother being affected by other people’s ignorance? Anyway l love him and he loves himself. And that’s pretty much all that really matters!

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